Web Solutions

A state of the art website is a must-have for every successful company or project, but it also has to be able to deliver current information on a regular basis. That is why additionally to a solid programming an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) is crucial, allowing you to edit your website quickly and effortlessly.

Our internally developed CMS (called IVAS) enables you to independently and intuitively manage your website(s) in real time – all you need is a computer and access to the internet.


Our IVAS CMS based websites - your benefits:


You can manage the content of your website(s) completely on your own. Everything you need is a computer and access to the internet.


You can put your mind at ease – your website data is secured by a backup system.

Cost efficiency

You only pay for what is absolutely necessary, based on a tailor-made offer reflecting your needs. After your website has gone live there are no additional costs apart from customary hosting fees (starting at 120,- Euros per year depending on the project).


You set the scope of your website, and due to IVAS' modular system you become exactly what you want, with the possibility of seamless changes and expansions later on if needed.

Easy Editing

If you know your way around Microsoft Windows, working with IVAS will come natural to you; and the integrated TinyMCE editor lets you work on details of your website content just as you would with a customary word processor.

Client management

You can manage several websites with the IVAS system, sharing content between them; and manage different users with various rights regarding access and editing.

Multilingualism & accessability

You can have an unlimited number of language versions of your website, quickly and easily managing all of them. Additionally, all IVAS websites conform to the W3C standard for accessability regarding special needs users.

Scalability & Responsive Design

You can make your website available to everybody, everywhere. All IVAS websites are built with responsive design, meaning that design and content scale according to the user's device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phones etc).