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graphic design

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We make sure that you make a great impression

First impressions are crucial – over and over again. Yet a top of the line design for your company, project or product is not just pretty packaging, it is an integral part of a successful communication with existing and potential customers.

Kontraproduktion offers print and web design tailored to your specific needs, combining it with additional text, photography, motion graphics or video services based on the scope of the project.

motion graphics

motion graphics Referenzen

We get a move onto your message

Motion graphics breathe life into information. These pieces of 21st century art do not only generate more attention, but are more likely to stick in your clients' minds.

Kontraproduktion offers 2D and 3D motion graphics for television production, als well als product and architectural visualization.

video productions

video productions Referenzen

We'll give it legs

The beginning of the 21st century brought along a democratization of high quality video content, as well as a new demographic with a tendency for visual memory. Successful businesses adapt their public relations accordingly. After all, you want to keep them from becoming a still image.

We offer video production services that go hand in hand with our expertise in state of the art post production, encompassing TV and cinema commercials, corporate videos, web videos, film & movie production and video marketing.

web solutions

web solutions Referenzen

We build the stage, you direct the action

A state of the art website is a must-have for every successful company or project, but it also has to be able to deliver current information on a regular basis. That is why additionally to a solid programming an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) is crucial, allowing you to edit your website quickly and effortlessly.

Our internally developed CMS (called IVAS) enables you to independently and intuitively manage your website(s) in real time – all you need is a computer and access to the internet.


photography Referenzen

We put you in the big picture

High-quality photography is at the core of any attempt at communicating successfully with your clients. That's why you should simply show what you have to offer. If you're looking for full-service, we will help you to seamlessly integrate stunning and tangible product photography in your corporate design, made by Kontraproduktion.


text Referenzen

We talk it like you walk it

You have a great product or service, but are having trouble actually communicating its benefits concisely and appropriately for your target audience? We can take care of that, helping you to focus on what is really important.

Kontraproduktion's team has worked in the business of print media, advertising copywriting and translation services for years and will always capture the essence of your business before  transforming it into a precise and engaging text.

Get YOUR tailor-made solution from Kontraproduktion!

kontra-paket-1.jpgA start-up entrepreneur is looking for what it takes to get a foot into the business world, choosing:

- a logo
- business cards
- branded stationary
- a basic info flyer
- a website

  • Grafik
  • Text
  • Web

kontra-paket-2.jpgAn independent art collective is organizing an event that includes lectures, workshops and a party in the evening. They want to advertise it on their already existing website and later on offer a retrospective. They choose:

- a logo animation
- four motion graphics teasers
- all-day event coverage
- a highlight film

  • Motion
  • Video

kontra-paket-3.jpgThe boss of a company that has been around for years but has room for improvement decides to get:

- logo redesign
- new branded stationary
- on-site photo shoot
- bilingual website
- flyers
- advertising brochure
- video portrait of the company

  • Grafik
  • Text
  • Foto
  • Video
  • Web

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