You have a great product or service, but are having trouble actually communicating its benefits concisely and appropriately for your target audience? We can take care of that, helping you to focus on what is really important.

Kontraproduktion's team has worked in the business of print media, advertising copywriting and translation services for years and will always capture the essence of your business before  transforming it into a precise and engaging text.

Translation Service

The economic crisis is forcing individual European economies to turn their attention away from domestic partners, towards export opportunities. We will help you achieve this by turning our strengths into your advantage.

  • We know what we are talking about. We offer guaranteed quality due to competence in language and cultural studies.
  • We deliver fast. If necessary, we bundle our efforts to help you localize your content as soon as possible – that is up to 1000 words within 48 hours
  • We accept all document formats (.doc, .docx, .indd, etc.)

We offer our translation services in the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French

A quote request is free of charge and of course without obligation. In order to come up with an unerring estimate, we need the following information:

  • Source and target language
  • Text length (exact number of characters / words); ideally you provide us with the source text as an email attachment
  • Suject area (trade, industry, legal text, etc.)
  • Zu verarbeitendes Dateiformat (html, doc, etc.)
  • Additional services (proofreading, etc.)
  • Contact data (phone number or email address)
  • Deadline for the quote request
  • Deadline for delivery