About us

Kontra, uhm, contrary to the neoliberal understanding of productivity, for us work and play are two sides of the same coin. Because not only are we good at what we're doing, we enjoy doing it. Based on this we unite our talents and efforts in an egalitarian work cluster, with an eye on economic necessities but a steady focus on community-oriented ethics.

The Kontraproduktion team is a colourful group where diverse minds have learned to be creative team players. Each of them brings their own field of expertise to the table:

  • Nick Gruber

    Project administration, Motion Graphics, CGI, Compositing, Texts (CEO)

    MA in English Cultural Studies and Media Studies (focus on documentary film making). 4 years of experiance in print media (stryria.com) in both content and project management divisions. Expertise in compositing and motion graphics for television. Loves macroeconomics and everything that moves (especially in 24, 25 or 50 frames progressive).

  • Max Werschitz

    Project adminstration, Graphic Design, Texts (company co-owner)

    Went to the graphic design college at Werbeakademie Wien (Advertising Academy Vienna); then after working in an advertising agency in Graz became a freelancer and finally co-founded Kontraproduktion in 2010. Also got an MA from Karl-Franzens University Graz (English/American and Media Studies) because hey, you can never learn enough. Likes science fiction, idealists and absurd humor. Designs and wears some absurd T-Shirts himself.

  • Ezra Neuwirth

    Web solutions (cooperation partner)

    Born with a genetic predisposition for all things PC and internet. Turned his passion into a profession, enjoys playing with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Java Script, jQuery, C, C++, Java – you know, the works. Has his own company ‘Neuwirth Web Solutions’. Can not just be found in front of a computer but also in a hefty Aikido training session or on top of an Enduro racing across Europe.

  • Jorj Konstantinov

    Photography (cooperation partner)

    Studied photography and worked as an editor in Bulgarian TV. Lives and works as a professional photographer in Graz since 1991. Has the keen eye of a true visual thinker. Expert on everything 'je ne sais quois'.

  • Doris Tscheppe

    Translation (cooperation partner)

    Spent her early years in the pictoresque South of Styria, then moved to Graz where she not only got rid of her accent but learned two new languages (English, Italian) during her translation studies.

  • Anna-Maria Jung

    Illustrations (cooperation partner)

    Studied Multimedia Arts in Salzburg, and after a lengthy detour to New York came back to her home town Graz where she is working as freelance illustrator and comic artist. Internationally renowned for her amazing, and amazingly nerdy, T-Shirts (& more).

  • Florian Heusgen

    Video & Film, Illustration, Storyboards (cooperation partner)

    Friendly, enthusiastic, competent and willing to learn. What sounds lika a 4 steps programme for high potential management trainees is in reality a tall Austrian that often gets mistaken for being a German. He's a qualified technician, a sturdy workhorse on the set and boy, that guy can draw.